LOT 20

The End is Near.

Or rather, the end of electric heaters as we know it…

From January 2018, all fixed space heaters manufactured or sold in Europe must comply with the LOT 20 of the Energy Efficiency Directive. Even with Brexit looming, the UK is signed to follow suit.  

What does this Mean to us all?

Well, any fixed electric heater must comply with the Lot 20 directive minimum efficiency standards. This is a part of the wider commitment to achieve a 20% energy saving by 2020. But that’s all a bit boring, so I’ll save you the details.

Recognised manufacturers such as ADAX have had to reinvent their electric convection heaters for 2018, to fall in line with LOT 20 and thus, become more energy efficient.

Here is what you need to know about LOT 20 of the EED (2015/1188).

Our LOT20  heaters can be seen here


What is covered?

LOT 20 states that all wall mounted electric heaters (local space heaters) manufactured or sold in Europe after 1st January 2018 which use electricity must comply with this minimum efficiency standard. This includes electric radiators/panel heaters, electric underfloor heating and electric fires. So even electric heaters that are made out side of the EU, will have to comply if they are to be sold in the UK. 


What will change?


The primary aim for Lot 20, is to reduce our energy consumption through accurate management. The key is to modernise electric heating appliances and minimise wasted energy. The scenario is similar to the directive a few years ago, when our light bulbs were changed for the new energy saving versions.  

However in this case the objective will be driven by using intelligent timers, controls and sensors. Standard on/off heating appliances without such controls will no longer be available from reputable and responsible manufacturers. The World is stacked high with cut price electric heaters. LOT 20 will increase the features that are required and thus bring much needed standards to the industry.


What technologies are included?

To manage the running times and costs of your chosen appliance; 2018 LOT 20 compliant heaters will in general include 3 key features:

-24/7 time and temperature control, either built in or through wireless/WIFI APP.

-Electronic thermostatic control for accurate room temperature measurement.

-Open window/door recognition so the heater can reduce usage if the user leaves a door or window open reducing the room temperature rapidly. Some radiators will have a have a smart start facility included, which allows the heater to choose the time it engages to bring the room up to the required temperature set by the user.


How will this help me?

The real consequences of the LOT 20 directive will be all electric heaters that are sold throughout the EU/UK will be more efficient to run and therefor have reduced annual running costs.

By specifying and using the latest products, installers can give their customers the confidence that they have the correct product, using smart technologies, to help keep the appliance’s running costs to a minimum.

A word to end

All in all, Lot 20 applies to all products that sold in the EU/UK after the 1st January 2018. This applies to everyone, even if the heaters were made in a factory outside of the Europe. It is both the responsibility of the manufacturer and the retailer to ensure that they fall in line.

Some products that are not compliant but manufactured before January 1st 2018 will be eligible for sale after the start date. This will be purely a stock cleansing exercise to make way for compliant products.

Here at Sol*Aire we are a responsible supplier who care about our customers. We are actively working with Adax and other key suppliers to offer compliant products. Which can be viewed here.

If you have any questions whatsoever please feel free to contact us directly at [email protected]



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