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Electric Heating Elements For Heated Towel Rails.

Electric Elements for Heated Towel Rails / Warmers . A quality selection of Standard PTC Heating Elements and Thermostatic Elements.

Positive Thermal Coefficient heating elements elements ( PTC ) ensures safe, consistent and energy efficient heat. PTC technology changes its electrical resistance in the event of a temperature change. The output decreases when the temperature rises, a self – regulating effect,  preventing overheating, and ensuring maximum efficiency. The result the Radiator is kept at an even and smooth temperature.

Our Thermostatic elements offer more control over you’re radiator. Simply, adjust the thermostat to a level of you’re choosing. Our latest element, the R3, features a Dual Thermostat system. With this,  you control either the radiator’s surface temperature or the air temperature in the room. If you wish to use the radiator as a heat source in the room, the air temperature thermostat will regulate the radiator based on how warm the room is. Towel Rails, especially in Chrome, can be extremely hot to touch. Controlling the Radiator’s surface temperature lets you select hot the radiator’s is. Preventing children or the elderly from burning themselves. This is also ideal if you’re drying towels as the thermostat recording is isolated from external heat sources, which would interfere with your towel drying.

All models Splash Proof, suitable for Bathrooms & Kitchens. Offering high outputs, and efficient, self regulating, low cost heating. Standard size thread (1/2″ BSP) compatible with all towel rails. Power outputs: 100W, 150W, 200W, 300W, 400W, 500W, 600W.