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Dual Fuel Heated Bathroom Towel Rails and Radiators With Thermostat and Timer

Dual Fuel Heated Towel Rails

Dual fuel towel rails connect to your central heating system but can also be operated in an electric mode. The duel fuel kit supplied includes Valves, Tpice and Electric Element.  Letting you switch between electric and central heating.

We have a huge range of towel rails, with plenty Sizes, Colours and Styles to pick from.

Colour options include chrome, black, grey (anthracite) or white. We can suit most budgets – the types of central heating towel warmers we offer include standard (basic) and designer models.

Styles range from modern / contemporary to vintage / classic and include: vertical ladder, flat tube / flat panel, square tube, traditional / victorian style, stainless steel.

We can meet your size / heating space requirements, and offer large, tall models that can heat the room (much like a radiator), as well as the towels.

We also offer small / compact / narrow sized rails which act purely as a towel dryer and are more economical / efficient to run as they are not heating the whole room.

Give us a call if you need any advice.