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Picking the right heaters can be a challenge.

Whether you’re unsure about how much power is needed or just don’t know which products to pick.

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Having the correct size radiator in the room is essential. If the heater isn’t powerful enough it wont warm the room. How much power is required, changes in each situation.

This means selecting the correct heater can be difficult. Which is why we offer our heating design service. Where we will calculate the heat loss and  how much power is required. 

Heat Loss

The insulation and environment have a massive impact on how much power is needed to heat the room.

This affects how much heat the room will naturally loose. In order to maintain the air temperature, the heating power needs to match the heat lost. To increase the air temperature, the heat added to the room needs to exceed the heat lost.  

As rooms with a high heat loss require more power, they will be more expensive to heat.

The cost of running the heater depends more on the room’s insulation than the heater’s technology. A 1000w heater in a well insulated room will cost significantly less than a 1000w heater in a poorly insulated room.

Factors which can impact the room’s heat loss are:

The building’s U Values

  • The level of insulation
  • The volume of the room
  • The outside temperature
  • The internal resting air temperature


More insulation will lower the room and building’s “U Value”. A lower U Value means less energy is needed to keep the room warm. As a result, the running costs will be lower.

As these factors can vary so much, its easy to see why picking the correct heater could be difficult.