Bathroom Heating

Our modern bathroom heaters are energy efficient, packed with technology making them erp Lot20 compliant.  Splash and Waterproof and available in a selection of sizes our electric radiators are suitable for every bathroom. 

The best way to heat the bathroom?

There are several ways to heat your bathroom.  The size and space available dictate what the best option for you is.

In smaller bathrooms, where space is a premium, a compact heater that allows you to dry towels and other items is often best. For instances such as this, we’d recommend a heater like the Radialight Windy. Which has a really high output so it will comfortably heat the room on its own but also has space to hang towels.  

In larger bathrooms, naturally there’s more space to fit a heater but there’s more area to heat. For spaces like this a large Towel Radiator is ideal. However, it’s worth remembering hanging towels on the radiator will bind a lot of the heat. Reducing the radiators output in the room. 

Heated towel rails and towel Radiators are the same thing. We find a lot of people get confused by this. We use both terms to describe towel rails on our site for SEO and colloquial reasons.     

Bathroom radiators are ideal as they provide heat which can be used to warm the room and dry towels. 

The pro’s are: Practicality, they can be safely covered by towels and clothing. Energy Efficiency, Generally towel rails are low wattage and won’t draw a lot of power. Syle, towel rails look great. 

Our R3 bathroom radiator is packed with energy saving technology, offering controllability and efficiency. 

Fan heaters are a compact yet effective way to heat the room. Which makes them perfect for small to large bathroom sizes. 

The Radialight windy is exactly that. 

The 1800w heatput offers fast, effective and widespread heat. Especially compared to a towel radiator. The Windy is ideal for bathrooms upto 20m2.

The Windy is Available is either white or Mirror finished. The mirror option is great as it adds an additional layer of utility to the heater. 


  • High heat output
  • Rapid warm up time 
  • Towel Hanging Rail
  • Energy efficient
  • Compact and space saving
  • Eco design Lot 20 compliant 
  • Programmable 

Similar to the Windy, the Deva is a fan assisted heater. However it also has a infrared element which provides radiant heat from the front panel.  

Typically, panel heaters are found in living rooms or bedrooms. However some heaters are splashproof and can safely be installed in bathrooms.  We’d recommend a heater with an IP rating of least IPX4.  

The beauty of the panel heater is that they can be found with upto 3kw of output. Enough to heat the largest bathrooms. 


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