Surely electric heating consumes lots of energy and is expensive?

No, quite the opposite in fact


Regardless of how you decide to heat your home, the first thing you need to consider is how to improve the thermal insulation of your home.

The energy costs of a house built in the 1970s or before are double those of a modern home. By simply installing better insulation, such as windows with latest generation double glazing, you can make savings of around 20%.


Every Radialight product comes with intuitive controls that allow you to create an autonomous heating system for the various zones and rooms in your home.

You can adjust the heating in each room to your specific needs, enjoying significant savings compared to a centralised system.

Correctly Sized

All RADIALIGHT products self-regulate their power consumption (kWh). This is based on the temperature the hater is set to and the conditions inside the room.

You will only use the kWh needed to heat at the times you need it.

By contacting us here, we can calculate how much energy is required to heat you’re size of room.

A slightly over-powered product will consume less energy than a smaller one. As the smaller one may have to operate at full power, making you spend more.

Smart electronics and savings

Having the correct controls is essential for reducing energy consumption and running costs.

Forget the old electric radiators of the 1980s and 90s that created overly hot and cold moments, as well as shockingly high energy bills!

By using your RADIALIGHT radiator correctly, its possible to achieve significant savings (up to 40%). This is because you can heat “intelligently”: Heating the room how you want and when you need it. Always keeping you in control.

Features Include: 

• Precision adjustment of comfortable living
• Comfort and energy-saving (Eco) temperatures
• Weekly programming
• Automatic consumption reduction by detecting your presence
• Smart learning of your habits
• Open window alarm function
• Knowing your radiator’s energy consumption
• Interconnected products for utmost practicality and convenience

Constantly comfortable

Radialight’s thermostats precisely monitor the air temperature. Only allowing a few tenths of a degree fluctuation in temperature. So small your body will not sense them.

The result is uniform and embracing warmth, without excessive heat spikes and excessive cold lows. Which would cause you to raise the temperature setting, thus increasing consumption.

Setting the correct tempature

Setting the correct temperature is essential. For example, its more cost effective to have a temperature of 19°C than 22°C. Radialight estimate for every degree lower your room temperature is, there’s an electricity saving of 7%.

A useful “power indicator” is installed in many of Radialight’s radiators. This warns you if the comfort temperature is too high – which will cost you more.

You can also set a lower ECO temperature for when the room is not occupied, which will reduce consumption even more. We recommend setting the ECO temperature at not more than 3.5°C lower than the comfort one, otherwise your radiator will take a lot longer and consume more power to get back to your preferred temperature.

Weekly Programming

Using the heater’s timing programme is keys to saving energy.

All Radialight radiators have a comfort, eco mode or completely switch off. For each room, day, and time in the week, offering considerable savings.

Weekly Programming

Radialight’s KYOTO and AETHEREA radiators use AI to maximise efficiency. They save you the hassle of setting the timer by automatically creating a programme. You don’t have to do anything. The radiator uses its presence sensor to ‘learn’ your habits, and if your change them, it will update automatically.

Open window function

Open Window function, is fitted on all RADIALIGHT radiators. It will automatically switch off the heating if a window is open. Avoiding pointless waste.

Knowing your radiator's consumption

All radiators in the KLIMA, ICON, KYOTO and AETHEREA ranges provide information on electricity consumption in kWh for the previous 24 hours, week and month. You will know how you are using your heating and how much it is costing you at all times. This allows you to take timely cost-saving decisions, if necessary.

Connected products for convince

The Radialight’s app is available free of charge from iOS and Android stores. Radiators with WiFi connectivity can be interconnected. With the APP several products can be simultaneously controlled in real-time, from anywhere in the world. You can read consumption levels and costs and receive notifications, such as sudden changes in settings or a power failure.