ADAX Electric Wall Mounted Heaters


Why Buy an ADAX Electric Heater?

ADAX are a well-known and established manufacture of electric heaters. Established in 1948, they have a long history and extensive knowledge base in quality products.

As a Norwegian company, they have experience fighting the cold in the harshest climates and high demand for effective and reliable heat sources. Placing them in the perfect position asses the heating demands.  

ADAX have innovated their wall mounted heaters through the years. With improvements in efficiency, home control and Wi-Fi automation.


How Expensive are ADAX Electric Heaters

ADAX are premium quality heaters, without the expense. With an ADAX panel heater, you don’t pay the premium for a big brand name. We sell directly to the public, cutting out the middleman. Which lets us offer premium quality products at a more competitive price.

With a lot of other electric heater manufactures sell alternative products for around twice the price. Due their larger marking campaigns, and door to door sales. ADAX don’t do this as far as panel heaters go, you will be hard pushed to beat ADAX’s intrinsic 5-year Guarantee.

In our product range, they sit at the top, beside our Radialight and Welltherm electric heaters. 


Customers and Projects.

In the last few years, ADAX’s award winning flag ship heater, The Neo, has been a favourite of not Just in the UK market across Europe. The wall heater’s fresh clean cut modern design changed what people expected form an Electric heater.  Following this success, many NEO copies merged form China etc. Providing a visually similar looking product. However not offering the same quality or guarantee.

Due to the electric panel heater’s reliability and long term guarantee ADAX is a firm favourite of Building Developers and contractors. With 1000’s being installed in recent property developments across the UK.


What type of heaters do ADAX offer

ADAX offer a range of electric radiators to cover both ends of the spectrum of the heating market. With basic fan heaters under £20 price bracket to smart wall mounted over £200. Whether you are looking for an electric heater for your: Bathroom, Livingroom, Cottage or Holiday home or church. There is an Adax heater perfect for that space.

With the capacity to add extra features, such as portable leg brackets and wireless thermostatic timers to the electric heaters. You can adapt the level of functionality to suit your needs.

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Energy Efficient Electric Heaters  

ADAX radiators are made to be as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. However no matter what make or model you have, a 2KW heater will consume 2000w’s of energy. Some panel heaters may make claims as to their running costs and claim figures such as 7p per hour.  However, is misleading. The only way to determine the running costs is: ( Cost per Kilowatt hour x heater power in Kilowatts.) Ie a 2 KW heater on a tariff of 10 pence p/kw, will cost 20p to run.

Remember, that you will always need to have a powerful enough heater. Otherwise, the room will never heat up and power will be being drawn constantly.

At the end of the day, its impossible to give a heater an energy efficiency rating.

The only way to make the heaters more energy efficient is to manage it in a smarter way and better insulate the heater’s environment. This may involve using a thermostat or timer, so that the heater is only heating while its required.

By smarter management we can alter the calculation above, slightly. We would expect the heater to only work for around 30mins each hour. Reducing the previous cost to 10p per hour.

Want to know more about running costs? See our blog on how expensive are electric radiators expensive to run. 

As of 2018 a new EU regulation will be in effect ( lot 20) in the UK. Which will completely change the electric panel heaters and radiators available.

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