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Tesy Simple, Affordable and Economical heaters.

Intrinsic Quality, LOT20 compliant, Made in Europe, 5 year guarantee.

Slimline thermostatic wall mounted Tesy convector heaters.

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Comfortable Heating

Create a warm and comfortable living environment with a Tesy electric convector heater. Sit back and relax, while the heater carefully and quietly monitors its surroundings, maintaining a continuously calm room.


Tesy wall mounted electric panel heaters incorporate a front face vent. Directing the heat into the surrounding space. The result is a fast and efficient warm up time.


The Tesy’s compact space saving design means that the heater can be situated almost anywhere. As the heater’s width is kept to a minimum, you are can have higher wattage heaters, in spaces that would normally be to narrow.


All the range is Ipx4 rated and suitable for bathroom zones 1 and above.

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Energy Efficient

Eco friendly electric heating. Tesy heaters are designed use as little electricity as possible. To do this the heater limits and saves as much energy as possible. With precision thermostats and timers, the heater only uses power when it is needed.


2018 Tesy range is achieves and exceeds the Eco Design LOT20 energy efficiency regulations. Featuring the latest technology on the heating market. Fitted with adaptive timer start, open window detection, and optional WiFi control. Click here to learn more about these features.


With electric thermostat and WiFi ranges to chose from. All of our Tesy range is fully LOT20 complaint. So you can have full confidence that you are getting a quality product that is fully compliant withe the 2018 Eu directive.

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Peace of Mind

When buying a Tesy electric heater you have full peace of mind. Tesy are one of Europe’s largest manufacturer of Electric heaters and boilers. Their products have an outstanding reputation world wide.


With a Tesy electric convection heaters you get a comprehensive 5 year guarantee. So that you can have no questions about the heater’s reliability or longevity.  


At Sol*Aire heating products, rest assured. We pride ourselves on our first class customer care and support. Feel free to contact one of our team if you need any more advice on which heating system suits you.


With free next day courier delivery available on all of our heaters. We make purchasing your electric panel heater easy.  

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