SolAire Smart WiFi

1 app for all your heaters

WiFi App

The SolAire WiFi app can be installed onto a smartphone or tablet.

Once installed, the device with the App will be your heating controller.

The App can be installed on several devices. If you have several users, they can access the heating by downloading the App onto their device.

Integrated WiFi

SolAire WiFi heaters have their connectivity built in.

The heater connects directly to the WiFi router. Removing the need to purchase additional hubs or gateways.

Which reduces the installation cost and time.

Control From Anywhere

As the App communicates via WiFi, your heaters can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

So you'll never leave the heating on, or come home to a cold house again.

Zonal Heating

Arrange heaters into different rooms on the APP. Letting you heat each room independently. Rather than wasting energy heating the whole house, select the exact rooms you want to heat. 

SolAire Smart WiFi Heaters

Easy to Install

With integrated WiFi, SolAire WiFi heaters are easy to install and set up.

Voice Control

Connects with Google assistant, Amazon Alexa or Siri.

erpLot20 Compliant

Fully compliant with the latest regulations.

Fast and Efficient

Heats your room quickly and efficiently

Bathroom Heating

SolAire Smart WiFi Towel Rails / Bathroom Radiators

SolAire Smart Electric Wall Mounted Heaters with WiFi Control

Caldo and Vitra

SolAire WiFi heaters are available in 2 styles, the Vitra and the Caldo. 

Portable Heater

Portable oil filled radiator compatible with the SolAire Smart APP.


Most frequent questions and answers

The SolAire WiFi IQ App is free to download. The App is available on the Android and Apple App stores.   

SolAire IQ heaters are also compatible with the Smart Life. Making it easy to integrate your new heaters into your smart home system. 



Once the panel heater has been paired with the WiFi Network, the heater will communicate directly with the router. 

This means that when you leave the building you still have access to the heater.

You just need to have internet connection on your smart device. 

There’s no limit on the amount of devices that can be added onto the App.

The installation of the an electric heater an overlooked component.  However its still a really important part of the process. 

We feel that an electric heater should be simple alternative to having to install a large and heavy central heated radiator. 

Ideally the an electric panel heater or radiator will be installed by a professional electrician.  However, we realise that due to time or cost reasons, this is not viable for everynone. 

Which is why we design our heaters to be as simple and easy as possible. 

The lightweight and compact body make the IQ range easy to handle and install.  

Both the Vitra and Caldo have a 3 pin plug fitted. Simply, you can plug the heater into an existing socket.

Supplied with wall mounting kit and portable wheel castors.