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Bray Straight Heated Towel Rail / Warmer, White – Dual Fuel, Thermostat + Timer

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Bray Straight Heated Towel Rail / Warmer, White – Dual Fuel, Thermostat + Timer Best Quality & Price, Energy Saving / Economic To Run Buy Online From Adax SolAire UK Shop 2

Fed up with a cold bathroom? We know a walking into a cold bathroom before showering makes you want to go back to bed. Then the situation is made worse as you dry yourself with damp and musty towels.

The R3 dual fuel thermostatic electric heated towel rail lets you warm your bathroom and towels fast and effectively. Packed with energy saving features, the radiator is Eco design / Lot 20 compliant. With the weekly programming you can choose exactly when your room will be warm.

  • Bray Straight White Dual Fuel Thermostatic Electric Heated Towel Rail
  • R3 Heating Technology (electric mode)  – with timer, thermostat & energy saving features
  • LOT20 compliant bathroom radiator
  • Supplied with remote controller
  • Bray Straight White Dual Fuel Heated Towel Rail
  • Complete with Dual Fuel Valves & PTC Electric Heating Element
  • IP64 Rated. Suitable for all bathroom zones, including showers & wet rooms
  • High output cross bars
  • Anti-corrosion treated & tested
  • Adjustable brackets 93-113mm depth
  • Easy to install with a simple bracket system
  • Assembly: valves screw into bottom of towel rail and the element is inserted into the bottom of a valve. Opposing valve is capped off with a blank plug at bottom. Central heating pipes connected at a right angle to the towel rail – out of or along the wall
  • Electric use: close one valve, turn central heating of and switch electric element on
  • Central heating use: ensure valves are open and element is turned off. Turn central heating on
  • 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee on the towel rail
  • 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee on valves and electric element

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Bray Dual Fuel Thermostatic Towel Rail (Straight White)

Our Bray R3 straight white dual fuel thermostatic heated towel rails are manufactured to be the highest quality towel radiators, offering unbeatable value for money. Designed with energy efficiency in mind, R3 dual fuel towel warmers are eco design / lot 20 compliant, reducing energy consumption and running costs. With the correct size matched to the room, the towel radiator can be used as the room’s primary heat source.

The Bray’s quality is eye-catching when stood next to cheaper towel rails. The result is a more substantial radiator with increased prevention against defects, including rust and pinhole leaks.

Supplied with a dual fuel kit including valves and an electric element (packaged separately from the towel rail to ensure a safe delivery). The Bray is available in the following sizes: Width: 300mm, 400mm, 500mm and 600mm. Height: 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm and 1400mm.


Superior Quality, Higher Outputs.

The SolAire Bray straight white dual fuel thermostatic electric towel rail is ASTMB117 tested and salt tested for 250 hours. This strict quality testing ensures the long lifespan of the radiator. This radiator has a 5 year guarantee, so that you have total peace of mind. We have years of experience, so be assured you will not have any hassle with the electric towel rail.

By increasing the surface area, the heat emission potential is maximised. Which in turn, produces a higher BTU output to keeps your bathroom warm. We design our bathroom radiators with quality, aesthetics and efficiency in mind. Delivering more cross bars, more surface area and a longer warranty.


Dual Fuel – Year Round Heat

Dual Fuel towel rails can be heated from the central heating system or an electric element. Therefore you can still use the towel rail even when the central heating system is off. This is ideal if you want to dry towels in the summer.

  • Dual Fuel – Electric Mode (With the R3 Thermostatic Element)

The R3’s state of the art technology is cleverly integrated into the element to ensure tidy installation. All the elements functions are housed into a single unit. No additional connections are needed.

To use in electric mode, you simply tighten one of the dual fuel valves until it is closed and switch the element on.

The R3 has all features that you could ever need. 7-day time-control alongside the adjustable temperature control for the room or radiator. Meeting the LOT20 ECO Design energy efficiency regulations.   All settings can be changed with the user-friendly remote control.

-IR Remote controller
-24/7 time control via remote control
-Measures air temperature from 18°C – 32°C
-Controls water temperature from 30°C – 70°C
-Built-in open window/door recognition
-ERP Lot 20 complaint
-Rated IP64 for use in bathroom zones
-24/7 time control via remote control
-Manual control override directly on the element with 2 & 4 hour boost
-Automatic frost protection @ 7°C

  • Dual Fuel Valves – Central Heating Mode

With the electric element turned off, your dual fuel towel rail becomes like any other radiator in the house. When the central heating is switched on, the towel rail warms up.


Dual Fuel Assembly

Our angled dual fuel radiator valves are a study and well made, composed of solid brass with chrome plating. The valves are screwed into the bottom of the towel rail’s vertical pipes. The electric element is then screwed into the bottom of one of the dual fuel valves. The opposing valve has a blank plug connected to the remaining socket. The central heating pipes connect at a 90 degree angle to the towel rail. So they can come straight out of the inside of the wall, or run horizontally along the wall to connect to the valves.

Alternative Dual Fuel Valve Option

If you need the central heating pipes to connect to the towel rail vertically, by coming up out of the floor, we can supply our alternative dual fuel valve kit on request.  This consists of two straight radiator valves and two t-pieces. The t-pieces are inserted into the towel rail first, and the valves attach the their right angled socket, allowing the dual fuel towel rail to accept pipes from below.


Easy Wall Mount. Adjustable Brackets.

The quality of the Bray makes it heavier than normal. As a result we have to supply the best fixing system available.

The Bray’s brackets have internal metal threads for a more secure fitting against the wall. The brackets also provide an adjustable wall projection. This allows you change the wall projection between 90-110mm, making it ideal if the wall is uneven e.g a half-tiled wall. Cheaper towel rails provide less secure brackets which are flimsy at best.

The top of the Bray towel rail is well-finished and tidy. One side is flat without obstruction, whilst the other side houses the chrome air vent. There are no nasty nickel plated vents and blank plugs on display.

Product Specifications

ModelDimensions (mm)

H x W x D



Pipe Centres (mm)PTC Electric Element (Watts)Thermostatic Element (Watts)Output

Δ T60°C


380800 x 300 x 93-1133-5-62551003001169
480800 x 400 x 93-1135-6-53551503001491
580800 x 500 x 93-1135-6-54551503001811
680800 x 600 x 93-1133-5-65552003002135
3121200 x 300 x 93-1134-5-132552003001829
5101000 x 500 x 93-1134-7-84552003001923
5121200 x 500 x 93-1134-7-124553003002859
6121200 x 600 x 93-1134-5-135554006003377
5151500 x 500 x 93-1134-5-7-124553003004192
6151500 x 600 x 93-1134-5-7-125554006004324
4181800 x 400 x 93-1134-5-12-133554006003420
5181800 x 500 x 93-1134-5-12-134556006004179
6181800 x 600 x 93-1134-5-12-135556006004942

Quality Tested

  • VDE approved
  • CE approved. Compliant with BS EN60335-1
  • Splashproof – IP64 rated, suitable for bathroom zone 1
  • Safety cut-out
  • ASTMB117 anti-corrosive salt tested to 250 hrs

Additional information


Not Smart




Mild Steel

Electric Heater Features

, , , ,

Product Type

Electric towel radiator



Power Type

Dual Fuel

Product Shape



Power (W)




Splash Proof Rating




, , , ,


, , ,


Mounting Type

Wall Mounted

Towel Rail Features

Child Lock, Open Window Recognition, Remote Control, Timer, Overheat Protection, Thermostat – Variable Temperature


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