Radialight KLIMA

Radiant Electric Panel Heater

Energy Efficient

Efficient heating technology centred around keeping your bills low.


To provide you with the best heating experience, the klima combines radiant and convection heat.

Intelligent Control

Fully controllable, so its easy to heat your whole home.

Italian Made

Radialight's electric radiators are designed and manufactured in Italy, to the highest quality standards.

The Klima is a market-leading panel heater built from the highest quality electronics. Ensuring that your living environment remains safe and comfortable. For absolute peace of mind, the Klima is backed by a comprehensive 2 year guarantee.

You can rest assured this electric radiator is built to last! 

Designer Quality

The latest heating technology and high-quality materials, ensure maximum efficiency and a long lifespan.

Keeping you warm, cosy and stylish.

Dynamic Control

Programme your heating however you need. With energy-saving features such as, open window detection, presence detection and power output management.

The Best of Both Worlds

Dual Heating Technology

For optimal heating, the KLIMA uses a combination of Radiant and Natural Convection heat. 

  • Feel the heat from the Radiator
  • Creates an infrared effect 
  • Better heat distribution
  • Heats the air in the room
  • Uses natural convection so there’s no fan noise 
  • Instantly starts to heat the room

More Features

Open Window Detection

The heater detects if an open window or door is causing a drop in temperature and will stop heating.

Prevent wasting energy by needlessly heating the room.

Intelligent Heat Management

The ICON optimises the its energy consumption based on the room temperature.

When the room approaches the set temperature, the heater lowers its energy usage and output. Preventing spikes and lows in the temperature.

Presence Detection

Radialight’s Opti Control system recognises when the room is empty. Then will lower the room temperature.

The reduction is scaled according to how long the room has been empty. By limiting energy waste, the Klima will help lower your electricity bills.

Radialight WiFi

Easy Control.
From Anywhere

  • The ICON can be fully operated from the manual control panel on the Radiator or using the Radialight WiFi APP . 
  • Providing the benefits of a “smart” heater. While also retaining the ability to control the heater if the WiFi goes offline or if there’s no WiFi connection at all.  

WiFi App

(Hover over symbols for demo)

WiFi Connectivity

With WIFI in built, control from anywhere in the world. The Radialight App is used to remotely control the heaters. With the App, you can access all of the heater’s functions. Making it easy to control and programme the heater. 

Direct Connection

A lot of heaters require external WiFi Hubs / Connectors in order to connect with the internet.

The Klima will connect directly to your WiFi network. No additional parts need to be purchased and wired into the Radiator.

Which makes the Klima easier and less expensive to install. 

Zonal Control

Managing serval heaters can often be confusing and time consuming. 

Spending a lot of time navigating a complicated control system. Then needing to do it several times.   

The Klima solves with with the ability to group heaters. Letting you control all the heaters in the room together.  

Offline Control

The WiFi model can also be controlled without WIFI. The offline programming is exactly the same as the non WiFi model. So you’re not left in the cold if the WiFi goes off.

Easy Installation

Electric Radiators are a pain free and easy to install alternative to central heating radiators. As there's no plumbing or pipe work involved, installation is much quicker. 

Supplied with all necessary fixings and wall brackets, your ICON will be keeping you warm in no time.