Modernizing your Home?

DIY while your at home? Starting renovating and modernizing your old or unused room? 

We’ve got you’re heating covered. With this list of electric heaters; idea for any DIY novice. 

Stuck at home, Get started on your
DIY project!

While your social engagements are on hold and you’re staying at home, you might be starting that DIY project you’ve been putting on hold. Finally renovating or decorating the tired bedroom.

DIY means do it yourself (Obviously). Therefore, you don’t want to bite off more than you can chew. Which is why we’ve made this list to help you find an easy to install (heater or radiator) for your updated kitchen, bedroom or conservatory.

In the interest of swerving a disaster, we have limited our selection to only electric heating products. Which can easily be plugged to socket rather than being plumbed in. Perfect for your amateur DIY’er.

Our first choice would be the SolAire Caldo. The heater’s lightweight nature and easy to fit bracket system, make it really easy to install.  

Being as light, the heater is easy to handle and mount onto the wall without compromising heat output or efficiency.  

In addition, the compact body shape reduces the amount of wall space the heater takes up. Giving you more options of where to place the heater in your newly renovated space.

 The Caldo is also WiFi controlled IP24 rated and fully erp Lot20 compliant. Which essentially means it’s easy to control, suitable for installing in a bathroom and energy efficient.   

The ADAX Neo is perfect if your looking to blend the heater with a contemporary environment.

The sleek, slimline and minimalist design make it one of the best-looking heater’s out there. With the slightest wall projection of 84mm, the Neo is unobtrusive and will blend nicely with its surroundings.

Packed with energy saving technology the heater can easily be programmed around your lifestyle. Also, the Neo is supplied with an easy fit H bracket system and the fitting template, so that you’ll have the heater on the wall in no time.  

We have carefully picked this list and purposely left out our oil and fluid filled radiators. Not that there’s a problem with them. Just, in our opinion the excess weight (sometimes well over 20kg)  means fluid radiators are much more difficult to install. Especially if you’re doing this on your own.   

However, we know some people will always prefer a fluid filled radiator over a panel heater. If this is the case, we’d suggest looking at out Celsius Oil filled Radiator. This units is still relatively light and easy to install. However, it is also supplied to floor standing castor wheels. Meaning that it you’re not able to install the heater on the wall.

The radiator can be put on the floor mounts and easily moved around.    

We hope that you find this list helpful. All the products we have mentioned are supplied with everything you need to install with a standard set of tools. 

If you have any questions or require guidance, please feel free to email [email protected] or call 01325 717 899 and one of our team will be happy to help.

Stay safe,

SolAire Team