Sol*Aire Partner with uSwitch | The Fight Against Rising Energy Bills Begins Now !

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Sol*Aire join with uSwitch


It is expected energy bills will rise by around £57 for more than four million UK households.1 Continuing the long run of rising utility bills. As a result, the cost of heating is becoming more and more expensive. Simply, millions of people can not afford to heat their homes.

At Sol*Aire we feel it’s a part of our responsibility to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. Which is why we have partnered with uSwitch.  uSwitch are a price comparison website, who compare energy prices, to make sure that you are paying a fair price for your energy. Click the link below and join the fight against rising energy bills.

Why Switching is so important.

Its more than likely that you are forking out more money than you need to.

From experience, many of our customers have been with their current provider for several years. With the price of their energy continuously increasing.

They are oblivious of the type of deal they are on and how much money could saved by shopping around. Simply, your money is better off in your pocket than theirs, right?

Speaking to the Independent, Stephen Murray (energy expert) says “switch to a fixed-rate tariff today with a Big Six or emerging supplier, you will see your annual bills decrease dramatically, by £250 or more”.Demonstrating just how important it is to compare energy prices, especially before the start of winter. It may not be enough to be pay for a new Spanish villa, but It may be the difference between a cold or warm home. In a few minutes you could save yourself a fortune!

As consumers, we need to be smarter. Consumers need to fight back, take control and create a more competitive market. Claire Osborne (energy expert from uSwitch) tells us that suppliers have “stacked the cards against customers” and that “Suppliers need to feel the pressure of competition; the real threat of their customers leaving them”3. If we follow Mr Murray’s advice and switch to an “emerging supplier” or “one of the big 6” we will increases the competitiveness of the market .

Comparison Sites make this easy by educating consumers on what they should be paying. By comparing quote for quote, providers are bidding for your custom, thus the market will inevitably become more competitive.

Tipping the scale back into the favour of the consumers. Leaving providers with no choice other than to reduce their prices, as more and more people begin to make the switch.



U switch makes getting the best price fast and easy.

Take a little time and see how much money you could be saving.

Think, for 10 minutes work it’s a no brainier.




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