Radialight ICON

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ICON Vertical Radiator Front

Radialight ICON

The Radialight Icon Dual Therm Vertical Electric Radiator optimises modern Italian design and state-of-the-art heating technology.

Featuring clean cut, slimline styling and intelligent room controls, this heater looks great in any environment!


A Vertical Heater that works


For Maximum comfort and efficiency, the Radialight ICON uses 2 heating methods.

The heater’s radiant element emits evenly-distributed infrared heat from the front to create an infrared effect. 

Resulting in a comfortable warm feeling and better heat disruption than traditional electric heaters.


The ICON also uses fast and natural convection heat. Which silently heats using the natural flow of convection heat. This rapidly warms the room and will quickly adapt to changes in temperature.

With the combination of convection and infrared heating technologies, the heater delivers rapid warm up times and long-lasting, energy-efficient consumption.

Easy to Control.
From Anywhere

The ICON has the WiFi module built into the unit. This means the heater can connect directly with your home WiFi, without purchasing additional Hubs or gateways. Making the connection process quick and pain free. 

Once the heater is connected, you’ll have intrinsic control. From the Radialight APP, you’ll be able to control your single heater or whole Radialight system from anywhere in the world!

The ICON also can be fully operated from the onboard control panel. So you don’t loose out on functionality if there’s no WiFi network available. 

Smart Zones

Each heater can be named to be easily recognisable. Control a single heater or group several into a “zone”.  Zones let you control each room independently. For example, the bedroom and living room can be completely different temperatures and heated at different times. 

Energy Saving

The ICON is one of our most energy efficient heaters, with Adaptive Start, Open Window Detection and Radialight’s Dynamic Intelligent Management system. Which optimises the heater’s energy consumption. As the room approaches the set temperature, the heater lowers its energy usage and output. 

Also, from the Radilight APP, you’ll be able to track the energy usage and cost of running the heater.

Thermostat and Timer

The ICON’s 7 day 24 hour timer can be programmed around your your life style.

There are  3 heating modes: Comfort, Reduced and Anti-frost. The temperature for Comfort and Reduced can be set to any level you need.

Then apply the modes throughout the week for complete time and temperature control.

Italian Made,

Radialight are an Italian manufacturer. All their products are designed and assembled in Italy.

The ICON is a market-leading panel heater built from the highest quality electronics – ensuring that your living environment remains safe and comfortable.  For absolute peace of mind,  The ICON is backed by a comprehensive 5 year guarantee, covering the body work and electrical components.

You can be rest assured that this electric panel heater is built to last! 

As easy as that ?

Electric Radiators are a pain free and easy to install alternative to central heating radiators. As there’s no plumbing or pipe work involved, installation is much quicker. 

Supplied with all necessary fixings and wall brackets, your ICON will be keeping you warm in no time. 

More Features

Open Window Detection

Prevent wasting energy by needlessly heating the room. The thermostat detects an open window or door causing a sudden drop in temperature. Then temporally stops heating.

Adaptive Heating Start

The ICON will constantly monitor its soundings and record how quickly the room warms up. Then uses this information to determine the best time to being heating, so that the room is warm by the set time.

Intelligent Heat Management

Radialight’s Dynamic Intelligent Management system optimises the heater’s energy consumption. As the room approaches the set temperature, the heater lowers its energy usage and output. Maintaining a constantly comfortable room temperature and while eliminating wasted energy.

Manual Control Panel

The manual control panel gives you the option not to use the WiFi functionality. With the manual control panel, the heater can be completely controlled and programed.

LED Mood Light

The ICON integrates an LED Mood light into the bottom of the panel.

A Heater For Every Room

Available in 4 Sizes ( 750w, 1000w, 1500w and 2000w) there’s an ICON for every room size.

Typically, in the average UK home we’d recommend at least 80w per m2, with poorly insulated rooms (such as conservitories) requiring more. Meaning one ICON will heat upto a 25m2 room.