Buy Timers for Electric Heating Appliances such as Heated Towel Rails and Electric Panel Heaters online from Solaire UK.  We offer: 1.Timeguard FST-77 Fused Spur Timer with 24 hour, 7 day weekday / weekend programming. Suitable for combi boilers, water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, heated towel rails / towel warmers, electric panel heaters / convector radiators & storage heaters. 2. Solaire PR1 Wireless 24 hour, 7 day timer with weekday / weekend programming, built-in thermostat and frost protection setting. Suitable for combi-boilers, heated towel rails / towel warmers and electric panel heaters / convector radiators.

PR-1 Wireless Remote 2PR1 Wireless Digital Timer 24/7 & Thermostat for Electric Heating Appliances, Heated Towel Rails, Designer Radiators, Combi Boilers
PR1 Wireless Digital Timer 24/7 And Thermostat for Electric Heating Appliances
  • Complete Wireless control of your electric heating appliance
  • Full 24 hour 7 day timer control
  • Room Thermostat built into control unit
  • Room temperature setting range 5C - 35C
  • Battery operated large, bright, legible control screen
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TimeGuard Fused Spur Timer / Timeswitch – FST 77A (24 Hour 7 Day) Electric Appliances
Timeguard FST77A Fused Spur Timer (24 Hour 7 Day), For Electric Appliances
  • Fused-Spur Box Overlay TimeGuard Timer
  • Neat & Tidy timer for any Fixed Installation Electric Heating Appliance
  • Full 24 hour 7 day timer presets
  • Clear, legible display
  • Power, 2 Hour Boost & memory
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