There’re new regulations from January 2018 for electric heating.

Basically, all electric heaters have to comply with the Lot 20 energy efficiency directive. With the aim to reduce energy consumption.  

More information on this topic here.

Luckily, all of our electric wall heaters are compliant and available to buy in our online shop.  

Two highly recommended heaters are the Adax Neo WiFi and Adax Clea Wifi. They offer a full range of energy efficiency features. But we love them as they’re very stylish.  

Our panel heaters and radiators come in a range of sizes, power outputs and colours. Its easy to find one suit your room. 

The Clea is a modern glass panel electric heater and the Neo is steel panel.  Both are slimline and offer discrete LCD displays and 24 hour 7 day timers.

You can bring Home Automation Heating to your house with their Smartphone / Tablet / PC remote control features.

For forward planning in your electric heating design in 2018, we recommend that you take a look at our advanced heating products.

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