Infrared Electric Heating Explained

How infrared electric panel heaters work.

Infrared may be the best way to heat you. 

Why Choose Infrared?

Infrared electric heating is one of the newest, most effective and combatable heating technologies. 

Our infrared heaters are of the highest quality, made in Germany, by Welltherm.  

More Comfortable

We like our homes at a consistently pleasant temperature. Infrared heat provides this. The heat they create has a similar feeling to the sun or heat emitted by a tiled stove.

Energy efficient

Infrared heat waves are absorbed by objects and bodies in the room, rather than immediately heating the air. This means the heat can be stored for up to three as long.

Complete Silence

Infrared heaters have no moving parts or fans. Which makes them completely silent when in operation.   

More Healthy

Infrared heating creates a constant drying of the walls. Leaving very little chance for mould to grow.

Also, infrared heaters don’t create the dry air feeling typically associated with electric heaters.

Comfortable living and sleeping

Convection heating can lead to irritated eyes, from dry air in a hot space. If you use infrared heat, you should notice a reduction in these symptoms.

Turbulent air and dust

Heat and warm turbulent air do not flow around the room. 

This makes infrared heaters ideal for people sensitive to dust. 

infrared Heating Works

Infrared Waves

Infrared heaters emit radiant heat in the form of infrared waves. 

Instead of directly warming the air, the infrared waves are absorbed by the surrounding structures which in turn begin start to warm up. 

Heating your body

As a result, when in close proximity of the heater, you can feel the heat being radiated from heater.

The infrared waves are absorbed and heat your body. Similar to the affect of a fireplace or standing in the sun. 

As your body is being heated you will being to feel warm. Meaning the actual air temperature in room can be set a few degrees lower and you’ll still feel comfortable.

As a result, you’re using less energy raising the air temperature. But will still feel warm. 

Warms Objects

Infrared waves also warm the walls, objects and furniture in the room. Which will become warm to touch and create a mutual heat exchange increasing the air temperature. 

As heat is transferred into physical objects, its stored for up to 3 times longer than heating methods which warm the air.

A Leader in Infrared Heating

Welltherm's infrared heaters are distinguished by their use of ESHC technology.



The problem with the majority of infrared heaters is that they do not work as intended. The heater’s front panel does not get hot enough to emit truly effective infrared waves.

Welltherm solve this problem with their efficient heating technology. Resulting in a maximum surface above 100 degrees. 


Less Heat Lost

It’s important heat is transferred into the front panel. Any heat to the rear is simply waste. To ensure this doesn’t happen Welltherm fully insulate their heaters. 

The use of this leads to optimum heat transfer to the front of the infrared heater, with maximum safety.



More Effective

With ESCH heating technology heating conductors cover more than 70% of the heater’s heating surface.

As a result, the heat dispersion and efficiency are outstanding. For most other infrared products, this percentage ranges between 6% and 23%.

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Made in Germany