Electric Oil Filled Aluminum Radiators

Energy Efficient

Fully erp lot20 compliant, the forte exceeds the latest energy efficiency regulations.


Highly conductive materials maximise heat emission guaranteeing high heat outputs.

Intelligent Control

Inbuilt WiFi control and large colour LCD display make controlling the forte easy

Quality Guaranteed

5 Year Warranty

The Forte is made in Italy to the highest standards and regulations using the best quality components. Backed by a 5 year Guarantee you can have long term peace of mind.

Most heaters on the market offer a seemingly long grantee but only cover the electronics for 2/3 years.

However, the forte has an intrinsic 5 year Guarantee covering body work as well as the electronics (Please see our guarantee page for full details).

The Future of heating

Whether you’re listening to a podcast on the way to work, or watching Blue Planet in the evening, its likely the topic of global warming will have come up. More and more concern is given to the impact ever-growing energy needs is having on the environment. 

One way to reduce this figure is to switch to sustainable and renewable energy sources, attained from solar panels or wind turbines. Moving away from outdated heating methods, like boilers, which rely on the burning of fossil fuels.

This lead is to source a range of efficient electric heaters, which have intelligent controls, are easy to install and above all else comply with the latest energy efficiency regulations. 

Designer Quality

Made in Italy, this designer electric, oil filled radiator will bring style and energy efficient heating to your home.

The Forte is one of the market leaders in electric heating. Full of the latest heating technology and high-quality materials, ensuring maximum efficiency and a long lifespan.

Making sure your room stays warm, cosy and stylish.

Dynamic Control

The key to a good heating system is controllability. The ability to seamlessly tailor the heating around your lifestyle.

With the Forte’s inbuilt WiFi control you can do exactly that.  The Radiator connects to the Delta-Calor APP. Using the App, you can programme the Forte without being anywhere near the radiator. Making the Forte for more user friendlily.

The forte also features a large colour display, where the heater can be manually programmed and adjusted.  

Oill Filled Radiator


The forte uses the latest technology and materials to be one of the most energy efficient radiators available. The Internal thermal oil is heated and warms radiator’s surface, where the heat is then radiated across the room. The Oil stays warm creating residual heat long after the heater turns off.


The Forte’s is made from Aluminium, the best material for conducting heat. Providing much greater thermal conductivity, than the steel used on most radiators. Meaning the heat inside the radiator is transmitted more into the room.

WiFi Connectivity

The Forte’s WiFi connectivity lets you control the heater actually being there. If you’ve ever accidentally left the heating on or came home to a cold house, you’ll know how useful this feature is. 

The Forte connects to the delta calor app. With the App you’ll be able to control every feature inside the heater. Such as, the timer, energy meter and room temperature. 

Each heater can be named to be easily recognised. Control a single heater or group several into a “zone”.  With Zones you control each room independently. For example, the bedroom and living room can be completely different temperatures and heated at different times. Rather than heating the whole house, you can select exactly which temperature each room is at. Meaning you’re not wasting energy by heating unused rooms.

Offline Programming

Incase your WiFi goes offline, the forte can still be programmed without WiFi access.

In the select the “Manage device without Wifi” to link directly to the Forte Smart Radiator without Internet connection.

You will be able to access all the programming and other features of your Forte heater and modify them, providing you are in range of the appliance. The Forte won’t leave you in the cold if the WiFi goes offline. 

Forte Phone in Hand

Direct Connection

A lot of heaters require external WiFi Hubs / Connectors in order to connect with the internet.

We dislike this method because: It makes the installation more difficult, time consuming and increases the cost.

The Forte will connect directly to your WiFi network. No additional parts need to be purchased and wired into the Radiator