Here are some reviews / opinions & testimonials from genuine Sol*Aire customers in the UK who have bought electric heaters from us. The types of heater that they have reviewed include electric panel heaters and wifi electric convector heaters.  Models include Adax Neo, Adax Neo Wifi, Adax Clea Wifi & Tesy CN04.

Reviews for Adax Neo Electric Wall Heater / Slimline Panel Heater With Timer, Thermostat, Lot 20 Compliant

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jpbb10014/11/2019 05:57Good seller
ajthehoover12/11/2019 08:41Excellent purchase. Prompt delivery.
kingcycle203011/11/2019 23:27Great thanks
ellison497436webb11/11/2019 21:47First class service, highly recommend, thank you
olliefosters11/11/2019 19:12Great product and superb seller… many thanks
falcon031011/11/2019 13:06all good
deanwait09/11/2019 19:25Excellent item. Very quick delivery. Thanks
gaazza200009/11/2019 16:24Great heater. Problem with 1st sent but rapidly rectified. Top seller.
slider69609/11/2019 04:06Excellent thank you
labrioliere07/11/2019 04:19very smart
3743mark05/11/2019 20:22Excellent service thank you
andyf-201302/11/2019 15:47Excellent product excellent delivery excellent price thanks very much
jacell33301/11/2019 07:44As described . Posted fast
afy911201028/10/2019 15:59Great product would recommend
snatchmo9927/10/2019 20:34Fast delivery and service
slider69627/10/2019 15:06Excellent thank you
jaglisi025/10/2019 20:35Everything ok
charlotteeyre211224/10/2019 22:09Fantastic service and a great product. Would definitely use again.
engrsupt22/10/2019 14:11Perfect Heater
timmy976521/10/2019 03:45Ordered 2pm Tues / delivered 1pm Wed. (to the Isle of wight) very impressive!
Preston Family30/09/2019 17:27Excellent heater. This 2000KW is our 3rd purchase and got 5 for mother in law whose house is solely heated by these. Heats room quickly to exactly the set temperature  and then cuts in and out to maintain it . Very easy to install, smart appearance, easy to run, customer service from adax-solaire is brilliant with prompt next day tracked delivery. Only improvement could be, as other people have mentioned, on the long 2000W heater the length of cable is not long enough to to reach a socket just on the left-hand side of the radiator. It is short by 25cm so plug had to be cut off and re wired to reach socket but it does state in the guarantee that this does not invalidate it.  Highly recommended.
stolarzuk03/03/2019 18:33Perfect item. Super fast delivery. Fab seller. Many thanks!!
Chris Morley12/01/2019 16:59I ordered the 2000W white rad, along with the fused spur timer. Easy to setup, rad itself is light, really pleased with the purchase.

I will be ordering another for the bedrooms to replace the night storage heaters.

Quick delivery, arrived next day. Highly recommend

simone.p_12320/12/2018 04:02As item described, very fast delivery, very good seller, will shop again
diver1rogers29/09/2018 16:01Pleasure to do business with….many thanks. Excellent product!!
simone.p_12315/09/2018 16:03As item described, very fast delivery, very good seller, will shop again
Jeremy Dayne12/07/2018 17:18Great Product

Recently purchased 4 of these  for my new flat

Look excellent and was surprised by how quickly they warm the room.

Excellent features and energy saving modes.

Big thanks to the after sales team and Guy, who helped me set them up over the phone.

simone.p_12325/05/2018 10:33As item described, very fast delivery, very good seller, will shop again
Trev & marjie23/04/2018 16:53Regards our review on delivery speed and efficiency of solaire we tried the neo heater last evening supurb very easy to use  if you need electric heaters don’t look anywhere else you will not beat these for cost and quality
Trev & marjie20/04/2018 16:02Ordered neo rad yesterday and it was delivered 9 o’clock today to Somerset what great service from a very friendly efficient team
Muhammad08/01/2018 00:00Nice lucking,very slim, efficient radiator.Heat available the instant it is switched on. Shame the temperatur indicator is black, it stands out like a sore thumb.

Despite this am really pleased.

diver1rogers07/01/2018 00:48Pleasure to do business with….many thanks. Excellent product!!
diver1rogers02/01/2018 02:20Pleasure to do business with….many thanks. Excellent product!!
Murray King24/12/2017 17:58This is a very good efficient heater. Shame the cable is only just over a 1m, hence 4 stars.
I Hardy12/09/2017 00:00Love it, as other say, nice styling and very light weight. Great timer functionality (different temps at different times). Not cheap, but good nice style, silent operation, expedient (next day, free,) delivery and helpful vendor make it easier to swallow the cost. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again.
bruno30/04/2017 21:00great product, much better then the old one we had , really slick modern look. Buying one more for our son’s room.
MIKE SALTER13/04/2016 11:36really easy to fit!!!!!!

liked the ability to add wireless roomstat option

johnadelewilson01/01/1970 00:00great seller . many thanks
jak67801/01/1970 00:00Good seller fast delivery
stefanjdubas014/06/2019 00:17Thanks
stefanjdubas010/03/2019 10:09Thanks
loganmeg18/06/2019 13:59Spot on Many thanks ! A
virgis1926/05/2019 16:19A
2554ross08/03/2019 16:12Very good service
jonty.200009/02/2019 13:42Quick delivery
graeme293126/04/2019 13:08Great seller!!
clockwiseuk0915/07/2019 03:42Wow arrived in under 48 hours
wiscoboss15/07/2019 02:42Excellent service and quality item *****
cleanoil13/02/2019 04:46Very quick service
cleananywindow16/05/2019 06:125 star
cleananywindow28/06/2019 00:385 star
whale_ra10/07/2019 00:54Top sellers
windybuoy10/03/2019 13:58Perfect
jo2905200011/03/2019 20:26Great thanks
7875russell16/06/2019 06:20Happy!
afy911201010/03/2019 01:02Would recommend
afy911201012/03/2019 05:27Would recommend
cptman7704/07/2019 10:39Superb seller highly recommend
crockers99903/07/2019 08:02Excellent product thanks so much AAA
dag106809/02/2019 14:51Good, quick delivery
dispall12314/05/2019 12:10Lovely thank you.
dlav9919/02/2019 17:5810/10 A
doug549515/04/2019 16:35Excellent service, nice quality product
embassy69joe22/05/2019 22:34Arrive all intact. and what a fast delivery time too. all working as they should
embassy69joe11/07/2019 13:01Arrive all intact. and what a fast delivery time too. all working as they should
embassy69joe12/06/2019 05:08Arrive all intact. and what a fast delivery time too. all working as they should
coops1950gcql01/05/2019 07:40Great product and speedy delivery, thanks
colingol24/04/2019 08:40top seller
afy911201007/03/2019 00:20Would recommend
alexanderthegreat809/04/2019 09:47Great
artybluesquid29/06/2019 20:34Thank you, swift, efficient service.
attyd3214/02/2019 11:32Perfect seller
bozkaz26/05/2019 22:22Speedy despatch
chikijs11/02/2019 16:07Nice and warm Thanks
christian-o15/04/2019 03:52Great product thankkyou
cockerloot25/05/2019 12:36Good value and fast delivery- Good result
colbyq12325/07/2019 11:18A* service would recommend
toothlessjons02/02/2019 18:07Great seller and Prompt Delivery
vaidis6912/03/2019 04:50Perfect!!!
hbbravo202012/02/2019 06:17Thanks very fast delivery and in good quality will do business again
lr117107/03/2019 09:02Fast delivery would deal again
madebysweety17/07/2019 06:02As described and next day delivery undamaged. Excellent . . . . .
maher82ds29/07/2019 12:48Quick delivery, good product
manoman121207/07/2019 07:08Superb service and quality
mcbruk-g6fyl912/06/2019 10:25A*
millie11millie1118/05/2019 07:20A
mzh199914/02/2019 10:41Smooth and pleasant transaction, very happy – Thanks.
mzh199909/04/2019 22:54Smooth and pleasant transaction, very happy – Thanks.
nathapir-008/04/2019 08:54great, as described.
klk140429/04/2019 19:07A *
klk140420/07/2019 03:28As Described, Fast Delivery, Recommended seller…
king-damo06/04/2019 08:35Excellent, many thanks
hbbravo202023/04/2019 12:19Thanks very fast delivery and in good quality will do business again
hooch535330/03/2019 09:16Thank you fast delivery five stars great seller
jamesnewdavid10/02/2019 16:41As described good quality
jpayne290626/07/2019 11:44Ok good
jupiter84212/02/2019 21:52Excellent product (again). Excellent service. Rapid delivery. Highly recommended
karlh33947427/02/2019 08:46Excellent to do business with
ken829116/03/2019 07:38Item just as described. Happy with purchase. Many Thanks
killerharris8819/04/2019 23:35Great seller. Very fast delivery.
king-damo08/05/2019 00:00Excellent, many thanks
ong507304/03/2019 12:38Prompt and safe delivery thanks !
orvilleowl31/03/2019 10:24Great item, As described, fast delivery
raggedyman1221/07/2019 20:32Amazingly fast service – will keep this seller as a favourite!
syou406927/03/2019 05:24Item arrived quickly and as described
syou406916/03/2019 15:52Item arrived quickly and as described
syou406915/07/2019 04:49Item arrived quickly and as described
syou406908/06/2019 14:00Item arrived quickly and as described
syou406907/05/2019 07:46Item arrived quickly and as described
sy-superfly02/05/2019 17:56Very good thank you. Lovely look
tack-a-holics08/06/2019 22:48quick delivery…great seller
tradingcards196622/07/2019 08:15Excellent seller
trimley24603/02/2019 13:28good service, pleased, thanks
syou406924/06/2019 11:20Item was delivered quickly and just as description
stuartn625508/03/2019 01:03Good price, quick delivery cheers
stanley.blades.st2508/06/2019 19:36Service okay but product is Very poor, loose buttons, temp. display 4 degree out
reekovitch18/02/2019 06:08Brilliant seller, Great communication and brilliant product
robertp775731/07/2019 00:53excellent service
ronaldgoldwing26/06/2019 21:43first class service thank you
ronaldgoldwing14/07/2019 05:32first class service thank you
salonsuppliesco02/06/2019 09:29Great service! Recommend Seller!
scouse10009/06/2019 03:40Excellent Service
sherwin5408/04/2019 15:45A1 – Good seller – as described. Thanks.1
simonriches12305/02/2019 11:55Good quality product and speedy delivery
springertj26/05/2019 02:48super quick delivery
tuckytum2125/07/2019 05:52Fantastic service , highly recommended
emsley-emporium03/07/2019 08:06fantastic
superkitty7525/06/2019 07:29Good seller A
usmcorp15/07/2019 07:48Quality of product made up for late delivery. I would buy again from this seller
vagabond-1323/07/2019 23:10great service
vagabond-1311/03/2019 06:52great service
vireyachris27/07/2019 16:49all good – thank you
windybuoy11/06/2019 23:05Great! Many thanks.
winw_luke17/02/2019 19:32Very pleased thankyou
zibi130506/06/2019 11:39All good thanks
zoricuk128/03/2019 04:41Many thanks
nathop908/01/2019 09:01Great product,quick delivery,fab seller will use again thankyou
tweak503/03/2019 01:01Excellent service and prompt delivery.AAA
trgcamprock22/02/2019 14:31Great, thank you.
superlinepro1025/03/2019 00:46top seller
tcyorky17/04/2019 20:334th heater purchased from this company- excellent items,service and delivery 5*
tcyorky09/06/2019 13:532nd of these heaters I have bought – Highly recommended, easy to set up too
tcyorky21/07/2019 19:10Quality item, promptly delivered. I will be buying another
theateambill13/03/2019 07:10recieved with thanks
theworkingmum28/03/2019 02:38excellent fast delivery
timfairless13/04/2019 14:22All good thanks, excellent packaging
tpirashanna9913/06/2019 10:59Fabulous service
tpirashanna9925/02/2019 12:16Fabulous service
pevbay3501/01/1970 00:00All good, many thanks.
pevbay3508/02/2019 11:20Perfect.
danygaer01/01/1970 00:00Excellent all as stated. Thanks
18/09/2019 23:10perfect, as described. super quick delivery, Thanks again, great seller A
22/09/2019 10:15Good product at a good price.
06/09/2019 22:53Super very pleased!
17/09/2019 12:54Thnx
15/09/2019 21:17Top seller A                           thankyou
13/09/2019 13:22great product many thanks
11/09/2019 09:31Excellent service and rapid delivery. Thanks.
01/09/2019 09:01Very good seller
27/09/2019 23:50good solid product and quick service. Thanks
07/09/2019 09:51As described – Great looking slim line radiator
18/09/2019 13:28excellent
urchie701/01/1970 00:00fantastic nice bit of kit
26/09/2019 10:35Professional service & communication. Item as described.. Thank you !!
25/09/2019 22:40good seller
24/09/2019 21:07Perfect thanks very much
02/09/2019 11:20Great product & service, thanks
21/09/2019 10:35as described and quick delivery will use again
20/09/2019 22:53Good but could be hotter.
11/09/2019 12:34nice item and very fast delivery
01/09/2019 21:08Quick and brilliant A
hullkrrugbyleague14/02/2019 06:27Thank you we love it.
stevewilson3419/03/2019 16:24First class thank you
espresso-teks16/05/2019 02:33A
jez1305196402/05/2019 12:21A    seller,Thanks.
jim642128/03/2019 17:58Many thanks.
johnh78924/06/2019 17:18great servivce
johnh78925/04/2019 13:19Good service
johnybeta21/05/2019 15:09Quick delivery. Thanks.
jon77rr19/07/2019 10:55Very helpful, brilliant reliable service
k5eyre19/05/2019 07:20Very fast delivery thanks! Great service would definitely recommend
kaf2w02/07/2019 19:37Excellent seller thank you. , Lovely item
kaz014008/06/2019 18:02Great item fast delivery.Thank u xx
jennifersays-6718/07/2019 23:27Great item, thanks!
ramy177909/03/2019 12:40Top seller
falcon031024/06/2019 22:01all good
falcon031012/04/2019 16:28all good
fpsuk_uk10/05/2019 16:18Great Product & Fast Delivery A          Seller Many Thanks
gav727204/02/2019 00:36Very good product. fast delivery.
haths07/02/2019 02:43Great service all as described credit to online
hullkrrugbyleague21/06/2019 21:21Thank you we love it.
hullkrrugbyleague02/07/2019 19:12Thank you we love it.
humanzeetp14/06/2019 11:58A*
jayt40_419/02/2019 14:27Super fast delivery, as listed, fantastic product. Many thanks A
kenntrenc014/03/2019 21:58Ten out of ten!
kevinjamesdempsey16/02/2019 17:55fair price good product
lillytastic10/07/2019 04:44Great this heater thank you
pevbay3520/03/2019 09:52Excellent as usual. Thanks
philips463815/02/2019 23:28great item, brilliant service A
reginike1310/02/2019 19:54Great service and very fast delivery,highly recommended.thank you will buy again
reginike1303/05/2019 04:17Great service and very fast delivery,highly recommended.thank you will buy again
retroheaven201220/03/2019 20:51Many thanks A
rockneycebel07/05/2019 03:09Five star transaction!
rusev7704/06/2019 20:08Exactly what I was looking for, thanks
stenjenkel14/03/2019 21:04Really good radiators thank you
steve.leather236903/02/2019 18:53Fast delivery thank you.
pabear201302/03/2019 17:36Very neat and tidy item
oluskaolga11/07/2019 22:54Thank you excellent seller …
makeuplover1628/07/2019 13:55Great seller! Arrived very quick and great product! Thank you,will recommend! A*
mikeb1962bikes06/04/2019 01:04super service
miko140401/03/2019 14:05easy to install, heats as required
minty18b30/04/2019 21:03Thank you quick delivery
nigel376429/06/2019 06:40Excellent service
njcl7220/07/2019 06:57Speedy delivery, item as described, recommended seller
noltynickuk19/03/2019 16:25Exelent
nookiebear4630/05/2019 07:39Great thanks I look forward to using it
stevewilson3405/07/2019 04:47First class thank you
greenshopqueen79901/06/2019 10:02Quick well tracked delivery. Quality item. Has yet to be fitted ready for winter
1965slickmick09/12/2018 05:43a1
birchover20/03/2018 11:50Great product
birchover24/10/2018 04:18These are a great product
bjnorton12115/05/2018 20:33Great item, quick delivery
bodyro26/11/2018 07:38Good product, packaging and delivery
cat823306/09/2018 18:06Very Quick delivery, works well, would recommend.
chrisc48627/01/2018 04:29Great product quick delivery
colemansitems16/11/2018 07:27Thanks
cyberdog924/07/2018 21:06Excellent item. Very pleased with the service and quality. Thanks
debidoowitterick18/11/2018 12:14Very happy with the heat output
weldjb.vhtx3eh19/07/2018 02:53Excellent product an service
birchover18/01/2018 06:58Perfect ??
bfitz5216/08/2018 05:19Thank you, highly efficient and pleasant transaction with next day delivery
bess74803/07/2018 11:50Fantastic item and service
alan220727/05/2018 20:07Works well , good one guys
alan220717/10/2018 21:14Works well , good one guys
alanduncan21/07/2018 04:12Best heater on market i have purchased a few of them
ammiezac02/12/2018 14:53A
andycallvic08/02/2018 15:47excellent little heater timer a bit difficult to alter.
asghar100117/09/2018 02:00Just what I was looking for thanks
avo33328/09/2018 06:21Thanks ??
banchorybazzar02/12/2018 11:49ronsealdeal, thanks
bazil015330/11/2018 09:16A1 thanks but lacked instructions
bbragiel23/07/2018 17:59fast delivery, good productvery good product, works 100% …. I recommend
urban_badger01/04/2018 15:34Quick delivery and very well packaged. Recommended seller!!!
vbcdave26/02/2018 21:41Very fast delivery. Fantastic seller. Thank you
steve_d196306/12/2018 07:53Cheers many thanks ,
stevem899923/01/2018 22:37Excellent thank you.
sini21055531/10/2018 23:43Excellent product and good service.
sini21055527/12/2018 04:10Excellent product and good service.
sjbuilding_514/09/2018 05:48Brilliant item exactly as described fantastic communication. A
smash.man12/06/2018 17:48Many thanks
sovereign5207/06/2018 18:35Second purchase from you and still FIRST CLASS service with perfect delivery!
sovereign5214/05/2018 04:58Good service, product as described. Many thanks.
rollinrock0_126/09/2018 07:16Excellent high quality heater next day delivery! Fantastic thanks.
sdstocks20/06/2018 13:35Great, love it
steve_biker31/03/2018 17:04All good thank you
steve_biker26/07/2018 03:33All good thank you
stesbits03/10/2018 16:06Cheers
vicandsteve201025/10/2018 23:56Perfect for our conservatory
0121tongo00728/12/2018 11:41fantastic value
10stevie106/05/2018 23:37Delighted, will order again
superbuysuperstore04/06/2018 07:00PERFECT THANK YOU A
sw16_boys29/03/2018 11:55Good price and works well. Trusted seller.
syou406919/12/2018 04:25Item was delivered fast and as description
syou406916/11/2018 02:15Item was delivered fast and as description
szaszatomi20/05/2018 12:47Thanks
tandemtours07/10/2018 11:36Well packed, perfect , Great Thanks
stephent407116/10/2018 14:29Good product
set051128/11/2018 05:50Extremely promp deliovery. Very impressed from start to finish. Thanks.
malcolm birdon15/11/2016 00:00very good heater
finlay rosson05/03/2015 00:00Timer is office orientated but does the job I was looking for. Good heat and very tidy bit of kit
Margaret, Glasgow05/03/2015 00:00Very good looking slimline radiator. Good instructions for attaching brackets (only small screws and no rawl plugs supplied though – I used my own). Works really well. I haven’t used the timer facility yet. This one doesn’t come with any legs/stand which I hadn’t noticed with the description – that was ok as I was planning to attach it to the wall eventually but if you need a stand then choose another model. The electric cable comes out at the right hand side. My socket was towards the left but there was enough cable to run it behind the heater and hook it on to the left hand wall bracket with a separate piece of wire so that there isn’t too much trailing cable around.
J. Close18/01/2015 00:00Bought a few of these for a newly refurbished all electric flat. Not moved in yet but they are fitted and working brilliantly. They heat up the rooms very quickly and the thermostat is essential. No idea yet as to cost effectiveness to run. They look very slim on the wall and very contemporary in their design.
Jack31/12/2015 00:00Great heaters for any type of room. I got these to replace the old panel heaters in my flat. Modern design and the 2000w will heat up my large living/kitchen room very quickly. They don’t run constantly. They get the room up to the desired temperature and then monitor it, thus saving energy and money. Would recommend to anyone.
Elena W.03/11/2015 00:00Very sleek slimline light and elementary to install (came with very clear instructions ;). Also I actually called ADAX to confirm some details and found that their customer service is second to none! 😉 And I got my order delivered the next day. So all that makes me a very happy customer! Thank you! ;0)
Eopuchlik06/07/2014 00:00Very stylish does wonders for the orangery
Paul08/04/2016 00:00Looks great and works very well.
i***o18/08/2017 00:00Excellent service, super fast delivery & great looking heater. Really pleased
afy911201003/01/2018 04:44Would recommend
hawkinsmgb21/07/2018 14:48Brill, thanks
art lover07/10/2015 00:00Looks great, works perfectly (have had it for 3 months) and is very easily controlled. Using it to take the chill out of a room which only has one small oil radiator on the opposite wall. It does this perfectly.
DTK02/04/2015 00:00This is a really effective heater – I have a large open plan living/dining room which this heater can heat within 30mins no problem. I always have to turn down the settings after 1 hour as this is a powerful heater. It is the only electric heater I would put on par with a centrally heated radiator. Can’t fault it, and it looks very sleek.
roger27/09/2015 00:005 out of 5
Cora W.05/05/2017 00:00Very neat and efficient heater.
Andrea carlt09/01/2017 00:00Really quick delivery. Item is slimline , stylish & easy to set up. Heating a large conservatory perfectly ??????
M. L. Heneghan19/03/2017 00:00Easy to set and install. Looks neat and smart. Very slim so ideal for the stairwell as it doesn’t cause an obstruction on the stairs.
David M04/02/2016 00:00see my other comment for 1000mm rad, the cable for the 2000kw heater needs to be longer so you can plug in where your socket is on the left of the rad. I had to open one up and fit a longer cable, which probably invalidates the guarantee…
coogeron02/10/2015 00:00Very smart, sleek and efficient little heater. Ours is in a wooden outbuilding 5×4 meters and keeps it lovely and warm, I originally thought I might need an additional KW of heating power in that room but pleased to report no need this has it covered and looks great too.
Anonymous Customer26/10/2015 00:00This heater has made a wonderful difference to a large cold area. It’s instant and can be turned up or down easily when required or put on automatic settings to suit my needs Love it.
Aaronon28/01/2016 00:00Not quick to warm up but does a good job of maintaining a temperature once it’s going.
Anonymous Customer05/09/2017 00:00Ace product works a treat to
Medi Bargainson17/08/2015 00:005 out of 5
Alex02/10/2015 00:00Very good
jezza12918/08/2018 06:02Good quality, fast postage and good communications AAAAAA
maxinetools08/06/2018 22:28Great thanks ????????????
dud28171022/01/2018 02:19many thanks
dud28171020/05/2018 16:32many thanks
dusanzajac10/11/2018 00:12thank you
dylbuzzin03/10/2018 03:41great service
eddiemc00710/09/2018 00:21item arrived quickly and as described many thanks
espresso-teks21/03/2018 09:53A
eyore201224/05/2018 10:53Easy transaction A* excellent seller pleasure to deal with
eyore201209/08/2018 01:32Easy transaction A* excellent seller pleasure to deal with
footballgameseeker17/07/2018 06:59Fast delivery and great item. People nice to deal with.
footballgameseeker01/09/2018 15:59Delivered as promised, very helpful Company
dryspacestructures04/05/2018 19:04Great thanks from
dorianm200523/12/2018 18:12Very good service thank you
dlzn106/07/2018 23:54Excellent product, many thanks!
miko*55526/12/2018 20:06Packaged well and very prompt and speedy delivery
loz19g5904/10/2018 02:12First class service
magnasec27/11/2018 09:20very good seller
markgissing29/06/2018 13:55as described and fast delivery
martin440v823/08/2018 18:05Great service, excellent quality,many thanks!
graylingmaster-325/02/2018 14:21Fast and easy great water
griff011115/01/2018 21:53Perfect. Thank you
griff011115/06/2018 22:02All good, thank you
goatsallilu20/02/2018 20:53Really helpful trader. Fast delivery. Great.
grahamw952403/05/2018 14:48All good thanks
frederick86michael01/06/2018 00:28A * many thanks
afh020601/01/1970 00:00Top seller thanks
2011mark0101/01/1970 00:00Excellent service thank you very
2011mark0103/03/2019 02:05Excellent service thank you very
jacell33304/05/2019 06:57Great heaters, easy to use. Packed with care & posted fast. Brilliant service
sambapaul01/01/1970 00:00Blooming marvellous. Does the job.
clairevernon201006/09/2019 14:39Great heaters, many thanks
1111lindsay02/05/2019 12:40sorted minor problem exellent customer service
1111lindsay19/02/2019 07:27exellent customer service
2010bean26/06/2019 05:54Great item and arrived in super quick time. Highly recommend!
2010bean14/06/2019 20:33Super item and as described. Great seller-thank you!
4044kim15/07/2019 21:57Delayed delivery but out of their control as it was due to snow
erclart0301/01/1970 00:00tidy
deanwait01/01/1970 00:00Excellent item. Very Quick Delivery. Thanks
bob4racing03/11/2019 21:02delivered when expected good value for money
afh020604/11/2019 00:45Top seller thanks
afy911201001/01/1970 00:00Great product would recommend
isengrym01/01/1970 00:00as described – first class service – many thanks
maddog900_001/01/1970 00:00very nice happy
maddog900_003/10/2019 03:29very nice happy
millie11millie1105/04/2019 08:33A
mlloo101/01/1970 00:00Smart looking radiator very please with it
robert2327232703/09/2019 10:11Very smart and easy to install.
s_petst_qkwffgdyyp01/01/1970 00:00Arrived quickly, good value for the money
davidbowie12303/09/2019 10:11Perfect, thanks for quick delivery.
747jock15/04/2019 00:40Very quick service
adetvr03/07/2019 21:30Excellent service and product. Many thanks.
davidfarmer-109/06/2019 21:18Very stylish looking radiator
dbdhr619/06/2019 02:36Soooo pleased with this heater
ddbl200601/03/2019 22:56Spot on thank you
deanwright999-200826/03/2019 22:34Item in perfect condition delivered the following day. Excellent purchase
devilmonkeysteve11/04/2019 18:03Many thanks, great seller A
dragonstreasurechest10/04/2019 02:33Always good service from this seller
ellison497436webb21/03/2019 14:45Excellent product and service
fastviv11/02/2019 05:56All good – as usual !! thank you
floghe_2402/07/2019 10:52Good seller….
floghe_2415/03/2019 20:14Good seller….
dave.shorrock09/07/2019 11:09Excellent stylish heater.
cowpigcaca11/04/2019 13:45A very pleased custmer five stars all round
cocochanel197522/07/2019 18:51Great online seller. Thank you! Perfect
alan.luckhurst29/06/2019 10:17Thank you
artybluesquid03/02/2019 13:04Great service. Thank you.
awesome-parts26/04/2019 18:02A sleek design with built in digital thermostat what more can I say 5***********
bob2266029/06/2019 11:03GOOD
bob2266023/03/2019 12:14GOOD SERVICE
brouweri24/02/2019 23:38A1 Seller
caroline305606/06/2019 10:04item as described. thanks
causer8020/05/2019 19:15Very quick delivery!!! Great seller – Thanks
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cliveeheath10/05/2019 06:20Happy with purchase
gemma_peach0128/07/2019 19:24Thank you. Exactly what I ordered, quick delivery. Fantastic product!
sgodo120/06/2018 21:42Item arrived very quickly, top seller!!
price922427/05/2018 11:57Fantastic all round service, many thanks
price922414/05/2018 22:39Fantastic all round service, many thanks
pavw224/05/2018 00:37good service
petememory21/12/2018 04:03Excellent to deal with, very quick service and very friendly. Well done.
pioneer11523/08/2018 21:24Many thanks, item as described, keen price, highly recommended.
podyma200525/10/2018 17:55thanks
patcroftb13/12/2018 20:06All ok arrived early exceptionally good service
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nigel_guisborough04/10/2018 11:11quick and convenient delivery, quality item at a fair price – recommended seller
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premierelect_12326/04/2018 20:37good seller no problems recommended
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resinsurveys_629/11/2018 15:42great item
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rollinrock0_129/11/2018 09:33I’ve bought two because there excellent and delivery is fast
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Reviews for Adax Neo WIFI Electric Wall Heater / Slimline Panel Heater (Wall Mounted)

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buchans12/11/2019 11:28Great seller thank you ! A        highly recommended
nick.cl07/11/2019 12:40Quality product, fast delivery, Very helpful. Thank you
silkolene04/11/2019 08:04GOOD
teamwrong01/11/2019 10:24Recommended seller, thank you. A
photocopier_repairs31/10/2019 12:05Excellent, thanks! A
tinle_36128/10/2019 15:30Good
boozefarter26/10/2019 22:35Great seller, will trade again
shep70mx-8816/10/2019 17:55Excellent service thank you A***
David07/08/2017 14:21Fantastic idea having WIFI built into a heater. Really easy to use, brilliant at heating the house. Also gives me peace of mind knowing I can make sure im not getting unwanted electric bills by heating a house with nobody in it!
scubydu50Excellent service happy to recommend
romantiffinPanel heater. Super fast delivery and well packed. No probs
prozmonkeyPerfect … Thanks … 5*
pauhiggAll good ,fast delivery ,great job ,thanks
numberman357arrived promptly, exactly as described, many thanks
romantiffinPanel heater. Super fast delivery and well packed. No probs
motekmartinall good, many thanks
matemmessAll good-thanks
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lesliepoveyGood ******
lesliepoveyGood ******
scubydu50Excellent service happy to recommend
sfrench123As described and no problems with seller
radiofirstGreat service – Thanks
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gipsymagpiegood UK based seller
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tommydoodaaGreat, thanks!
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ridthekidFast delivery again. Thanks
pinstrip011Fantastic radiator looks great really easy to install
onejimboFaultless so far.Recommended seller
nesss123Excellent service
justinbrowne1977Arrived on time. Took me 30 minutes to install & hook up to net. Solid build
imran_aghayevThe seller sent item unexpectedly too fast. Had no change to cancel the order
will_d_jAll good
recall118A   seller
trinikjacTop quality WiFi easy to connect
trinikjacTop seller
karen StewardSmall and compact heaters. Heat up well.
syd-786These guys are so helpfull and sell top quality heaters highly recommended
t***cItem as described. Quick delivery. A1 Many thanks
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gardo0675Thank you, heater installed and hooked up to WiFi, working great
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hgvlee765 ** will be buying more
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juliacraddockarrived very promptly
juliacraddockarrived very promptly
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andredwoo-0The best product I have bought off e bay for a long time!
bigarms1977Brilliant little heater got 2 of these now they work a treat and look great
bilbottiExcellent service, fast delivery, really pleased with look of heater, thanks.
kw_cioAll good! Arrived as promised!


Reviews for Adax Clea WIFI Glass Electric Panel Heater / Convector Radiator + Timer (Wall Mounted)

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mattysrag11/11/2019 01:55Item received as stated and very quickly, thank you
mtradecentre01/11/2019 23:21Great seller
alphagenius26/10/2019 00:39Great seller. Fast delivery. Thanks
Scott Sinclair03/12/2017 22:02Stylish warm heater and easy to setup via App on your phone
Alan08/09/2017 00:00Great heater
meddymo6115/07/2019 00:55Excellent
rossbell030/05/2019 05:43.AAA
dave-dog02/09/2019 11:20Fast delivery of Adax wifi heater, looks great
ianb261127/03/2019 22:09Thank you
frankie_rangersfc18/05/2019 12:00Delighted with my new Convector Heater & great value for money
umayrj12/03/2019 15:18GREAT A     THANKS!!!

Reviews for Tesy CN04 Electric Panel Heater / Slimline Convector Radiator With Timer, Thermostat, Lot 20 Compliant

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micklebryn10/11/2019 01:37Excellent seller. Item as described. Fast delivery. Many thanks.
valuliving09/11/2019 08:58A   Excellent seller, prompt delivery!
scubatel201120/04/2019 23:37Very quick delivery, great item ,many thanks. Would use again.
philw5225/06/2019 17:21Excellent service. Item as advertised excellent quality. Recommended thank you.
mrjamscott_12301/06/2019 04:42All good, very happy, thanks!
janjayjoe15/04/2019 19:35Thanks 5* great items
janjayjoe20/03/2019 00:59Thanks 5* great items really pleased
janjayjoe11/05/2019 19:36Thanks 5* great items really pleased
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turtellh01/05/2019 11:20All perfect. Installed and working.
26/09/2019 10:35Good price and product. Fast delivery. Highly recommended
25/09/2019 22:40Good price and product. Fast delivery. Highly recommended
24/09/2019 21:07Excellent seller, thank you!!!
firkinell09/03/2019 19:44Great item and great company, will defo use again. Thanks
fiatfiatscott15/02/2019 02:19excellent, fast delivery A
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clare574716/01/2018 05:11Straight forward transaction, no problems at all
lindawindchimes16113/07/2018 00:45Great
lindawindchimes16103/07/2018 00:15Great
a13urt8822/02/2019 09:28ok
adaptb28/06/2019 12:49Totally as described,
aug106520/05/2019 10:32All spot on 21:07Top prob cheers
cerbik11/06/2019 20:03As described, fast postage, thanks.
chrispar201213/07/2019 20:40Well packaged and very good instructions how to mount on wall
chrisservices1014/06/2019 14:18very good seller
chrisservices1009/06/2019 20:05very good seller
ecofab25/07/2019 01:451st class thank you
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farahnaz197909/04/2019 09:26Fast delivery thanks
clare574715/12/2018 00:02Straigh+C1:E40t forward transaction, no problems at all


Reviews for Tesy CN024 Electric Convection Heater / Panel Radiator With Timer, Thermostat, Lot 20 Compliant

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thecastle9913/11/2019 20:46Great service
45556702/11/2019 20:28Top seller
harrythebream17/07/2018 17:34Highly recommended,A seller to 100% trust!!!!
hitchandgo196925/07/2019 23:36great, fast delivery thank you
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gertieginnel21/04/2019 15:53Great item, fast delivery and fantastic customer service
damgeotech25/04/2019 03:00fast service – thanks
abcbrotherstephen12301/03/2019 17:51Very nice thank you
abcbrotherstephen12301/04/2019 19:06Very nice thank you
mpfs194818/03/2019 23:08Fine
ninoto200730/05/2019 21:40top seller
wesco-andy17/02/2019 18:02Just what I wanted thanks
wesco-andy23/02/2019 17:58Just what I wanted thanks
wesco-andy06/07/2019 23:12Just what I wanted thanks
maggied011108/11/2019 09:31Excellent service, thank you 🙂
01/09/2019 21:08Excellent item – great seller – thank you
01/09/2019 21:08Excellent
01/09/2019 09:01Great seller , thank you
02/09/2019 11:20Great seller , thank you
abcbrotherstephen12319/03/2019 15:12All good thank you
2409745603/07/2019 23:00Very quick delivery, already fitted. Thanks
stefapinalsk_027/06/2018 03:16I am very happy
elitetransportation198509/10/2018 03:44Excellent item and superb quality, really good value for money ????
636g08/08/2018 14:53many thanks very fast delivery would deal again
angi28014606/05/2018 12:58Very good
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smiuk-oonwjdhm23/01/2018 00:08Very good product, super fast delivery
smiuk-oonwjdhm19/02/2018 08:16Very good product, super fast delivery
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lee650306/05/2018 12:34Great item . Many Thanks.
leoburn12325/02/2018 20:54Nice item
lewdav26/10/2018 12:09excellent
kenn24619/11/2018 09:08Very happy with the item and fast delivery
juneypooney02/06/2018 16:36Great item, thank you. Very pleased.
karachi78678612/04/2018 16:28Good doing business with him right product as mentioned
hobbleflog09/07/2018 04:10Quality item but ludicrously complicated programming. Ask for simple version
ltay538515/11/2018 03:44Great Item – Thank You – Fast delivery will definitely buy again