Heat your home the smart way


ADAX WiFi Smart Electric Panel Heaters

Heat your home the smart way

With WiFi control you are in full control of your heating from anywhere in the world

Managing your heating has never been easier

Stylish Design

Discrete, slimline and stylish. ADAX's nordic designed heaters are some of the best looking radiators available.

Cost Saving

With the latest energy heating technology, the heater reduces energy consumption, saving you money on energy bills

Control from Anywhere

Access your heating from anywhere in the world. Never leave the heating on, or come back to a cold home again!

Eco Design

Fully Eco Design Lot20 certified. The ADAX WiFi range exceeds the latest requirements for energy efficiency.


ADAX's tailor made heating App lets you intuitively control all areas of your home with a smart Phone or Tablet.

Heating Schedule

Programme your heating for the whole week. Setting the heater at comfort, reduced and anti frost temperature. So your house is hot when needed and not wasting energy when your away. 

Temperature Control

Set the heater’s super accurate thermostat anywhere from 5 – 35 degrees and heat the room to your liking.

Zonal Heating

Rather than wasting money heating the whole house, with ADAX WIFI you can control each room separately. Set different heat levels for each room, so your only heating the spaces you need.  

Energy Efficiency

Fully erpLot20 compliant, the ADAX Neo WiFi is built to optimise efficiency. The app features a smart meter, which helps you keep an eye on energy consumption.

Intelligent Start

With the “Adaptive start” mode, the heater intelligently learns the optimum times to commence heating.

For example, if the heater is programmed to heat to 20 degrees at 6 o’clock, the heater may start heating at 5:30 so the room reaches temperature for 6 o’clock.

Doing this takes the guesswork out of programming the timer, as well as eliminating wasted energy from pre warming.

Voice Control

Compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, its possible to control the Neo WiFi with your voice. 

The Future
Of Heating is Now

More and more concern is given to the impact our ever-growing energy need is having on the environment.

Driving the switch to sustainable and renewable energy sources, obtained from solar panels or wind turbines. Replacing outdated heating methods, like boilers, which rely on the burning of fossil fuels. 

Easy Installation

Electric radiators are perfect if your installing a new heating system or adding onto an existing one.As no pipe work needs to be installed, the installation becomes, cleaner, faster and a lot cheaper than a central heated system.

Plug in and Play

Supplied with wall mounting kit and plug attached, the heater arrives ready for installation. Simply plug in and enjoy.  

5 Year Warranty

The ADAX Neo is a market leading panel heater built with the best quality electronics.Ensuring your living environment remains safe and comfortable. ADAX offer an intrinsic 5 year Guarantee covering body work and electronics. Giving you long term peace of mind.