Norway’s most popular heaters now have integrated Wi-Fi. So you can easily control

the heaters via the Adax WiFi app with your smartphone from anywhere. 

Managing your home heating has never been easier.

Save power smart weekly programs

In the weekly program you can create a plan for heating your home, hour by hour – for every day of the week

Reducing your energy consumption, and lowering electricity bills. 

With remote WIFI control, never worry about leaving the heating on again.



Download the app on your smartphone

Download our app on Google Play for Android phones or the App Store  for iPhone.






Home Screen




Here you will find an overview of your different zones. Here you can brows and adjust the temperature at any time. A zone can be a room (Living room)  or a whole dwelling (Kitchen and Conservatory), how you zone your home is up to you. Select your heaters and assign them to the appropriate “zone”.





Zone Settings



Here you can select temperatures and heating modes. These will be used for your weekly programs. You can create your own modes or use the pre-selected ones from ADAX.

The Following are already in the APP.

Comfort: Fits the periods in your home

Reduction: Reduces temperature during periods when you do not use the space

Anti-Frost: Perfect for when you are away, yet want to prevent frost

OFF : The heater is put to sleep and will not heat



You can adjust the temperature for each setting and assign a colour to it,

making it is easily recognisable. Customising your home with power-saving programs is an

efficient way to reduce your electricity bills.





Weekly Programs



Create your own weekly heating programs, with a swipe of a finger. Then assign the programs to different zones or even different properties!  Enabling you to have a individual programs for your home and office.

Set up the program according to your daily routine. With an ADAX heating system, you are sure to be warm and comfortable. While reducing power consumption.







wifi icon


This must be kept in mind when connecting to Wi-Fi


To connect your panel heaters, it’s advisable to adjust your router to 2.4 GHz and WPA2.

If you have 5 GHz on your network, we recommend you disable this during the connection.

When the connection is complete, simply reset the network to 5GHz, if you wish.


Panel Heaters with WI-FI